On October 20, GTHS held the third-quarter business meeting, cum the "Persistence and Innovation" exchange meeting. First of all, the Financial Manager analyzed the operation data of the company from January to September, followed by business division, branches and functional departments reported their work. In the meeting, the teams of homeware, home textiles, e-commerce and brand retail shared their innovative development, and then the business division and branches made speeches on "persistence and innovation" based on their own conditions.

At the meeting, General Manager Zhu Ronghua emphasized that persistence and innovation are complementary, and on the basis of persistence, we should always adhere to product innovation, business model innovation, market innovation and talent training model innovation, prepare for protracted and tough battles on the road to innovation. Chairman Jin Zhijiang stressed that the company's positioning and development goals must be unshakeable, people-oriented and common prosperity must be unshakeable, and compliance with the law and internal governance must be unshakeable, it emphasized to promote the innovation development around personal consumer goods, such as textiles and garments, optimized assessments incentive and talent evaluation mechanism to promote the training of leading talents and the construction of innovation platform.