On May 22, GTHS held the 2022 annual meeting of the board of directors, shareholders and limited partners, along with the first meeting of the ninth board of directors successively. Leaders of GTIG, directors of GTHS, supervisors, executives, financial officers, representatives of shareholders and partners of the company attended the meeting.

The 2022 board of directors approved eight proposals, including the Report on the Term of Office of the General Manager, the Report on the Term of Office of the Board of Directors, and the Financial Operation Report and Financial Accounts Report for FY2020-2022. The shareholders' meeting passed nine motions, which comprehensively summarized the company's operating performance, the work of the board of directors and the company's financial status for the years 2020 to 2022, and passed the motion for the renewal of the ninth board of directors and supervisors. The first meeting of the ninth board of directors appointed a new set of  senior management and financial officers for the company.

At the meeting, Zhang Ziyan, Chairman of  GTIG, delivered an important speech, urging GTHS to further emancipate the mind, innovate and expand the market, promote product diversification, increase investment in human capital and strive to cultivate leading talents, while further emphasizing the signficance of safety production and the necessity to consolidate the foundation of safety management.