On February 1st, GTHS held the 2023 annual summary meeting, attended by GTIG Chairman Zhang Ziyan, GTHS Chairman Jin Zhijiang, General Manager Zhu Ronghua, and all employees. The meeting began with a comprehensive review of the work in 2023 by General Manager Zhu Ronghua. Subsequently, eight employee representatives delivered speeches and exchanged views in turn.

During the meeting, Chairman Jin Zhijiang read out the 2024 annual mission goals and signed responsibility contracts for the "Golden Seed Talent Plan" with the heads of various business units and branches. Chairman Jin Zhijiang pointed out that GTHS should closely focus on globalization and industrialization, improve fine management levels, adhere to the concept of diligence and thrift, uphold the diversified strategy of customer market products, and steadfastly promote the common development of the company and its employees.

Chairman Zhang Ziyan of the Group's Board of Directors delivered an important speech, emphasizing the profound connotation of high-quality sustainable development and the specific requirements for high-quality sustainable development of subsidiaries. He stressed the concept of human capital as the primary capital, adherence to the Guotai values of integrity, law-abiding, dedication, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit. He also pointed out the need to liberate thinking in response to current difficulties, always insisting on development as the top priority, and accumulating small victories to achieve big victories.