On 26th April, GTHS held the first quarter business meeting. It started with a three-month business data analysis made by the manager of the Finance Department, which was followed by reports from the presentations of the Business Division, branch divisions, and functional departments.

At the meeting, Zhu Ronghua, the General Manager, expounded on the corporate business operations in the past three months, emphasized that under the epidemic situation, we must do our best to secure the market and maintain the client relations. Besides, greater efforts should be made to strengthen the overseas supply chain layouts with a particular focus on the RMB exchange rate trend. Finally, Jin Zhijiang, Chairman, reiterated the crucial roles of overseas production and internationalization in corporate operations, emphasized the enduring international and industrial strategy. Quality control should also be high on our list of priorities, he added, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Internally, he demanded GTHS attach great importance to internal governance and people-oriented managerial responsibility.